Educational Leadership


Our work at education sector has been remarkable. We have two main avenues: Consulting and Training.

We have run programs for faculties of universities to sophomores to fresh graduates.

With our experience, study and research in education, we can support you at:

  • Academic and Administrative Policies Development
  • HR for Educational Institutes
  • Curriculum Re-designing and Development
  • Curriculum Review
  • Teachers’ Assessments
  • Performance  Appraisals
  • Developing C Square and E Square Essentials

At training we have two major areas:

  • Educational Leadership Training
  • Teachers’ Development

At training avenue we have conducted sessions on the following  topics:

  • Training of the Teachers
  • Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA)
  • Let Teachers SEA© (Self Evaluate and Assess Themselves) Program
  • Library Resources Training
  • The Unique Advantage©, A goal setting, skill enhancing activity for youth aged 16 to 24
  • Train Your Brain©  [Mind Training Program for Improving Exam Scores]
  • Career Goal Path Setting
  • Entrepreneurship for Fresh Graduates and Youth