Hospitality Management Systems (Hotels and Restaurants)

Hospitality Information Systems and E-Commerce:

The hospitality sector includes lodging, event planning, restaurants, food and beverages, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. We have developed systems for the hospitality industry in Pakistan which has a huge gap awaiting for automation.

Features Provided:

  1. Web-based (online solutions): you can access your system and know about daily performance through internet using your laptop and/or mobile phone.
  2. Cost Effective: the costs are surprisingly low
  3. Comprehensive: the features offered cover all of the requirements of a modern hotel or restaurant.

Information Covered:

  1. Online Reservation system
  2. E-commerce based (Credit cards chargeable subject to location and facility provided in the area)
  3. Total and Per Unit Costs available: like cost per customer, cost per meal, cost per event hosted etc.
  4. Total and Per Unit Revenue available: like Sales from an event, Sales from a particular client or organization.
  5. Monthly Expenses, Revenues, Profits information available
  6. Customer feed back (live)
  7. SMS marketing Integration (optional)
  8. Mobile application (optional)
  9. Various online details about customers like profile, time checked in/out, previous interaction with hotel etc.

Our systems are Cost Effective, User Friendly and Comprehensively developed covering a range of services information that hospitality industry requires.