Let Executives SEA (Self Evaluate and Assess)

Title :   PDSEA: Personal and Professional Development through

Self-Evaluation and Assessment Activity

For: Executives and Management


  • Our experience reflects, our general observation tells and research proves that one of the most effective methods for inducing a positive desired response or change in human beings is through gaining self knowledge.
  • As the German poet and philosopher Rainer Maria Rilke very rightly said: “There is only one journey. Going inside yourself.
  • Contemplation and self analysis has had enjoyed a very high ranking and status among all religions and divine schools of knowledge.
  • Self analysis is perhaps considered one of the most effective tools of personal and professional development.
  • We see many of the training efforts going futile owing to a multiplicity of reasons. Since training people involves exposing them to an idea or a new set of information or a skill or a changed attribute, a training event goes futile if it is not effective.

In the light of above and our work exposure and experience to projects on self assessments, we have developed a program focused on executives titled:

Khud Aagaahi     خود آگاہی

Personal and Professional Development through Self-Assessment and Evaluation (PDSEA)

Most of the training activities for teachers focus on a funnel learning methodology. Trainees are poured in knowledge through listening and visual aids and then are expected to improve at their own.

Learning through Self Awareness:

  1. Wisdom of the ages and modern psychology are in agreement that self awareness is the greatest source and tool of learning.
  2. Questions that we ask to our selves cannot be ignored easily.
  3. We tend to improve more when learning is self initiated and we are trusted for the act of improving ourselves.
  4. Self awareness creates acceptance for the need of improvement, which is mostly ignored else wise.

Khud Aagaahi    خود آگاہی

More about the program:

The Focus: of program is set on personal and professional development of executives through self-evaluation and assessments.

Levels of Program: The program has three levels.

Level I:   Developing  C square essentials.
Level II:   Developing E square essentials
Level III:   Developing  Profound Wisdom Essentials

Tools Used: This program is developed using latest psychological and communication tools like NLP, SILVA, Self-hypnosis, ESP and Gestalt etc.

Behaviors and Problems that will be addressed through Self Evaluation and Assessment (SEA):

  1. Performance related issues
  2. De-motivation
  3. Lack of team performance
  4. Lack of learning and coping will
  5. Change management issues
  6. Reluctance in accepting new systems / models / procedures etc
  7. Time and stress related issues
  8. Anger management and intra-departmental behavior issues
  9. Conflict management
  10. Goal setting related issues
  11.  Self- confidence and personal fears
  12. Insecurity, arrogance and inappropriate attitudes
  13. People management and relation-shipping
  14.  Clean language implementation
  15.  Issues related to decision making
  16. Inappropriate work delegation
  17. Inappropriate management and leadership styles
  18. Creating optimum performance

Previous Work:

While working with a development sector organization in education sector, the lead trainer of the program trained over 900 teachers all across Pakistan using Self- Assessment and Evaluation Tool with  proven and shown significant improvements among more than 80% of the strength which was documented and recorded. 

About C and E Square:

C-Square and E-square are a change management model used to bring about any desired change.   E.g. for education sector we have developed 14 parameters and 52 perspectives for self-evaluation which cover the above mentioned learning and improvement goals. For management and business sectors we have variant parameters and perspectives etc.

Value Addition after the training:

We have reasons to believe that this activity can create an improvement in at least one area among more than 89% of the audience.


  1. An initial review of the organization to discuss its needs, limitations, challenges and issues faced and what it wants to do or achieve?
  2. In the light of above a customized self-assessment tool is developed for their people.
  3. The purpose of this activity is to let executives assess themselves and to acknowledge their areas of improvement.
  4.  The activity can be conducted in groups ranging from participant size of 20 to 25.
  5. The duration of activity is 3-4 hours, which may extend to another hour in some organizations owing to their particular nature of work or business.
  6. Executives shall be using Self- Assessment Tool to assess themselves followed by a session of “What to do?” or “How to improve?” activities.
  7. The same activity shall be repeated with appropriate intervals (4-8 weeks) and areas improved shall be highlighted.
  8. At the end of activity, a data analysis report shall be furnished to show/reveal trends or areas of improvement.

Level II and III are only recommended after participants have gone through level I.

Duration:  3-4 hours x (3) sessions at appropriate intervals of 4-8 weeks.

Fee:          Disclosed upon further interest of client, usually settled on a per participant basis.