Let Teachers SEA (Self Evaluate and Assess)

Let Teachers SEA (Self Evaluate and Assess) Themselves !


There has not been any serious effort to develop our teachers for the past 60 years in Pakistan. Training activities have not been a very regular culture for most of our academic institutes, schools and education centers.

Personal and Professional Development through Self Evaluation and Assessments:

Most of the training activities for teachers focus on a funnel learning methodology. Participants are poured in knowledge through listening and visual aids and then are expected to improve at their own.

Learning through Self Awareness:

  1. Wisdom of the ages and modern psychology are in agreement that self awareness is the greatest source and tool of learning.
  2. Questions that we ask to our selves cannot be ignored easily.
  3. We tend to improve more when learning is self initiated and we are trusted for the act of improving ourselves.
  4. Self awareness creates acceptance for the need of improvement, which is mostly ignored else wise.

The Solution:

We have developed a series training programs, focused on professional development of the teachers through self evaluation and assessments. This program is developed using latest psychological and communication tools like NLP, SILVA, Self-hypnosis, ESP and Gestalt etc.

We have developed this programme at three levels:

    Level I:   Developing  C square essentials.

             Level  II:   Developing E square essentials

            Level  III:   Developing  21st Century knowledge essentials

Who we are?

We  are Oaj e Kamal, a firm involved in training, development, strategic management consulting and capacity building of organizations and executives since 2005 and we have trained people from national and international organizations. Our complete profile can be viewed at our website: www.oajekamal.com

Further details of the program are on the pages below:

Program Title:  Let Teachers SEA  (Self Evaluate & Assess)

Program Summary Concept: 

Personal and Professional Development of Teachers through Self -Evaluation and Assessments.

Level I: Developing C square Essentials

 Training Outcome:  After attending the session, the trainees shall be able to learn / understand / practice / demonstrate / show improvement in:             

  • Improved self esteem necessary to impact students
  • Increased awareness of their roles
  • Increased sense of personal responsibility
  • Sense of self direction
  • Personal valuation
  • Class competence
  • Lesson Management
  • Command on and beyond syllabus
  • Delivery of lecture
  • Lesson planning
  • Communication quality
  • Develop C square balance for maturity
  • Awareness of  C square to create personal leadership
  • Develop C square for performance

C-square is a change management model used to bring about any desired change. For education sector we have developed 14 parameters and 52 perspectives for self evaluation which cover the above mentioned learning and improvement goals.

Our Expertise   On November 30th, 2012 we successfully accomplished our Self Assessment activity  with an internationally funded NGO in 120 schools all across Pakistan (Dir, Rawalpindi (rural), Islamabad (rural), Sheikhupura ( Lahore region), Karachi, and Khairpur, Sindh) training over 900 teachers including principals and education officers, with documented and video recorded evidence of improvement among 97% of the teachers.

Value Addition after the training:

  • Developed understanding of principle centred teaching
  • Generated capacity to build competence
  • Willingness to teach
  • Improved effectiveness
  • Improvement in at least one area of personal / professional aspect of teaching and educational management.


  1. The purpose of this activity is to let teachers assess themselves and to acknowledge their areas of improvement.
  2.  The activity can be conducted in groups ranging from participant size 25 to 35 or 50 for larger groups.
  3. The duration of activity is 3-4 hours.
  4. Teachers shall be using Self Assessment Tool to assess themselves followed by a session of “What to do?” or “How to improve?” activities.
  5. The same activity shall be repeated with appropriate intervals (4-8 weeks) and areas improved shall be highlighted.
  6. At the end of activity, a data analysis report shall be furnished to show/reveal trends or areas of improvement.

Who should attend? Teachers, Principals, Educational psychologists etc

Level II and III are only recommended after participants have gone through level I.

Duration:  3-4 hours x (3) sessions at appropriate intervals of 4-6 weeks.

Project Costs:  To be disclosed upon further interest and negotiation, usually charged as per person.