Oaj History

Earlier Work:

We started working as an in-house training department for our parent organization 12AM (spoken as Twelve Ay Em) in 2003, which was an on-line sales and recruitment business.

Our training work in sales, motivation, goal setting, business negotiations, anxiety and stress management, people mastery, strategic management training and vision achievement tools distinguished us as quality experts and we were requested by other organizations to train their departments for them.

The Name:

The name Oaj e Kamal was then for the first time in 2005 set off to be marketed out to other organizations, while previously it was an organization within the organization. The journey had started.

Since then we have partnered with several organizations and delivered several projects to clients as working together or exclusively.

Partnering History:

We worked with TMRC Consulting, Exuberant Group, East Side Services, National Foundation for Resource Development to serve clients mutually.

Stepping into Certifications:

Oaj e Kamal has developed high value content, which is competitive across the world.

Our quality work in content development and delivery enabled us to sign MOUs with internationally accredited certification bodies and we started awarding certifications to our successful graduates from our training programs.

We started to offer Internationally Accredited Certifications by venturing out with ACI (Asian Competitive Institute) and later with Concord Certification Corporation Canada which ended on June 30, 2015.

Our graduates have obtained immigration to Canada, UK and USA and have found themselves competitive with the requirements of jobs in their respective countries.

Our Current Partner:

Our quest for brining certifications with broader scope and multi-layered accreditations has lead us to introduce Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) as its current Certification Partner in Pakistan.

Our Work To This Date:

To this date we have trained over 60,000 people from over 300 organizations in 1400 sessions. We have successfully delivered projects to over 30 organizations in HR, Productivity, Strategic Management, Executive Development and Organization Development.

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