Real Estate Project Development

Complete Turn Key Project Consultancy Services

Our project consultancy services include a comprehensive list of domains, where we support project developers particularly in the areas of Site Uplift,  Planning, Technology & Product Value Addition.

1. Consultancy for Civil Projects and Works

  • Design and Town Planning
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Construction Consultancy
  • Concrete Services
  • Pavement and Concrete solutions
  • Technology Solutions
  • Product Value Addition

2. Technological Innovation

  • IOT based smart city
  • Residents smart card
  • Safety through security cameras, panic button, smart fire management system, antitheft solutions, RFID, tracking of vehicles, central control etc 
  • Enterprise It solutions
  • Smart power grid, load monitoring AMR
  • Power Generation
  • Water recycling
  • Sustainable City
  • Dedicated Fiberoptic Network
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
  • Complete Safety solution through Cameras network
  • Panic Button at every flat/home
  • Heat, Motion, Proximity Sensors
  • Doors and Windows Sensors
  • Automatic Alarm System
  • Smart Locks
  • Remote Control Lights and allied appliances
  • Blinds and Curtain Controls
  • Smart Control Room for the whole Project
  • Smart Music System

3. Product Value Addition

  • Exposure, Expertise & International Partners allow us to add Value to the real estate inventory
  • MOU with Local & International Firms for Developments
  • FWO for  Land and Infrastructure development (machinery and manpower)
  • Turkish, Malaysian and UAE based Firms for strategic partnerships and development participation
  • International Brands for Electrical Services and solutions
  • Japanese/ Taiwanese OEMS can be bought for MOU etc. upon client’s interest  
  • International Manpower for Project Management, Project Monitoring and Project Execution

Background and Competencies:

  • Our Team has an cumulative experience of 100+ years in civil engineering and design, construction and infrastructure development, Project management
  • Executed Projects in access of 500 Million USD
  • Road and Infrastructure Development Projects
  • City Development ( at least Two complete small scale Cities and countless city infrastructure projects
  • Town Planning ▪
  • Vertical : High Rise Projects (Millions of Square Feet)
  • Horizontal : Development of Housing society

Our Ongoing Ventures:

  • Construction Consultancy for Jameiya Masjid
  • Construction Consultancy of 1800 Luxury Apartments with Community Living 
  • Complete Concrete Services for 1000 Kanal Housing Society ( Apartments, Houses, Commercial Building etc
  • Land Development of Housing Society including Road and Infrastructure
  • Construction of Smart Villas
  • Venue Uplift projects in Housing Society
  • Horticulture and Park Design and Development