Real Estate Sales and Marketing

The scenario of real estate sector organizations has changed in the past decade. More and more organizations are switching to professionalism and latest organization structures to serve their clients better. We assist Real Estate Companies in 360 Degree Sales and Marketing Activities i.e. supporting in almost all functional areas necessary to market and sell the real estate inventory particularly in the following areas:

1. HR and Organization Development

  • Strategic HR and O.D (Vision, Mission, Values Development and Transmission)
  • HR Policies, Procedures and Manuals
  • Remuneration Packages and Grade Design
  • Complete Compensation & Benefits Structure
  • Payroll solution
  • Team Recruitment, Induction and Management Procedures
  • Agreements and Documents Drafts for Complete HR Management
  • Leave, Absence and Records Management
  • Training, Development and Goal Setting
  • Performance Appraisal and Management

2. Sales Team Management

  • Sales Team Development And Training
  • Sales Promotion, Campaign And Engagement
  • Sales Rewards and Remuneration Design and Management
  • Call Centre Development
  • Call Centre Management and Quality Training
  • In And Out-bound Call Centres
  • Product Training And FAQs
  • Sales Closure Procedures
  • Post Sales Relationship Management and
  • Customer Care Department and Policy Development

3. Dealers /Realtors Network Management:

  • Developing Dealers Network
  • Dealer Agreement Drafting and Management
  • Dear Events
  • Promotional Strategies and
  • Dealers Rewards and Remuneration Design and Management

4. Social Media Optimization and Management:

  • Website development and management Social Media Management
  • SEO Optimized Website Development
  • Data mining and collection for sales data
  • Digital Presence across various social media platforms
  • Social Media Campaign Design and Management
  • Mini Documentaries for Social Media Campaigns
  • Digital Media, Documentary and Advertisement Production

5. Branding Marketing and Advertising:

  • Branding and Brand Development
  • Digital Media, Documentary and Advertisement Production
  • Marketing & Advertising: ATL, BTL, TTL
  • Marketing Research, Data Mining and Resourcing
  • Design and Content Writing for Print and Digital Mediums
  • Documentary and Advertisement Production

6. Venue Uplift, Fabrication and Décor

  • Venue Uplift
  • Main Gate /Entrance, Internal structures branding
  • Outdoor And Indoor Attractions
  • Venue Cosmetics
  • Venue Branding
  • Series Of Events And Calendars
  • Footfall Increase Strategies,
  • Tactics And Operatives
  • Audience Engagement Celebrity Engagement

7. Urban / Site Developmentand Planning

  • Site Development Plan
  • Layout and Levelling
  • Utilities Structure Planning
  • Water and Sanitation Management
  • Residential and Commercial Layout
  • Site Development Civl Works and
  • Site Construction Engineering
  • Environmental Impact Control

8. Product Value Addition

  • MoUs with International Real Estate Stakeholders
  • MoUs / Agreement with FWO / NLC for Heavy Equipment
  • MoUs with internationally Reputed Architects
  • Construction Management Firms
  • Presence of Personnel from International Brands in Real Estate and Project Development
  • International Media Management
  • Consultancy for Project Management: A Third Eye for the Project Goals and Objecties Achievements on Your Behalf.