Oaj Services

Our Spectrum of Services:

We have three divisions or major areas of our services for clients.


A. Consulting  B. Coaching  C. Certifications* 
1.     Strategic Planning 1.    Management and Leadership Trainings  Professional Certifications 
2.     Management Consulting 2.    Certification Trainings       i.        CHRP: Certified Human Resource Professional
3.    Accountancy and Financial Consulting 3.    In-House Sessions       ii.            CSCP: Certified Supply Chain Practitioner
4.    HR Consulting  4.    Open House Sessions     iii.            CLDP: Certified Learning and Development Professional
5.    Educational Leadership Consulting 5.    Peak Performance Coaching for Sports/Teams      iv.            CMP: Certified Marketing Professional
6.    Development Sector Consulting 6.    One on One Coaching        v.            CSP: Certified Sales Professional
7.    Electoral Processes Consulting 7.    Strategic Coaching       vi.            CPS: Certified Productivity Specialist
  8.    Life Coaching     vii.            CLP: Certified Lean Professional
 * Our programs with Certification titles are either certified by Oaj e Kamal or  are supported by our certification partner GAQM, Global Association for Quality Management, which is accredited and approved by ASIC UK and ASIQUAL.

Please contact our office for further information about a specific program.