The Unique Advantage ©


Have we not faced a similar situation like this, at least once in our career?

For the first time a very unique effort is being made to HELP OUR YOUTH DESIGN THEIR OWN FUTURE !

 Send your children to a 3 day LIFE TURNING EVENT. We have named it :

 The Unique Advantage©  


Who should I send ? Your sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, grandchildren or young people you know aged 16 to 24

 What is the Unique Advantage© ?   

 With a seasoned experience coach and working with a group of fellow motivated group of young individuals , they would learn 

  1. to design a compelling and pulling future
  2. to discover and find out their true potential hidden in themselves
  3. to formulate a strategy to achieve that
  4. train their brain for achieving their goals
  5. boost their self confidence and abilities
  6. develop a unique combination of their Character and Unique talent to make them capable of handling any thing that life throws at them!

  3 DAYS x 9 UNIQUE TOOLS  =  A Desirable Future And The Abilities To  Handle Life

 We were not that lucky to have these kind of programs in our times, your kids definitely are !

 Investment in your sons/ daughters future: Rs. 45,000 for 3 days

For an in house session and dates particular for your school and organization please contact us here.

Instead of buying your child an iPOD, buy him/ her a future !