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03 hours, 03 sessions and a sure Pass or an Up to 20% or more score in exams*.

1/20th of resources and energy (time, mind, money) that you have been spending already

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Have your results been worrying you?

Prepared enough? Done enough studies?

In a competitive world, when every single mark counts why leave one final stone unturned?

GET YOUR BRAIN TRAINED: Enroll Yourself in A Unique Training Program with us….

Train Your Brain© Mind Training Tools for  Improving Exam Scores

*(Improve Exam scores up to 20% or more)

Get trained by Pakistan’s best Behavior Altering Coach

How this shall be achieved?


A leader knows the way. A leader shows the way. A leader goes the way !

Being true leader in human development , we have demonstrated several times in Pakistan’s top academic institutions that we can transform human functioning to a higher level

This outcome shall be created applying a three step process

  1. Creating Mental Focus
  2. Changing Attitude towards Academics (Shifting from Mediocrity to Excellence)
  3. Delivering easy but powerful Brain Tools for a change

What participants will learn?

After attending the session the participants shall have learnt / understood or be able to practice:

  • Understanding Neuro-physiological states 
  • How to take control of dis-empowering states?
  • The power of decisions
  • How to take decisions which do not change under stress?
  • Learning to set powerful goals
  • Goal Implementation
  • Time assessment and determining learning hours
  • Creating personal tools to work on learning hours


  • Developing responsibility
  • How to handle procrastination?
  • How to develop a practicing will?
  • Developing a performers identity
  • Belief cycle and how does belief cycles affect our performance (Beliefs)
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs
  • Realigning Values (Values)
  • Creating ID shift: Handling IDs
  • Developing a right identity crucial for exam success 
  • The Placebo effect


  • Tools of training your brain and self-hypnosis for success:
  • Anchoring
  • SILVA 
  • Mind Mapping (basic level)
  • Visualization
  • Goal Setting
  • COI
  • Mnemonics

Duration: 3 hours including break of 20 minutes x 3 repeated sessions every 10 days

Who should attend? For candidates appearing in any exam requiring rigorous work and competition like:

  • Those preparing for competitive examinations like CSS, PCS etc.
  • Those preparing for exams with a low and tough pass %.
  • Those preparing for a career positioning exam like O/A levels, F.Sc or Matric etc.
  • Those preparing for professional exams like Accountancy (ICMAP, ICAP, ACCA, CIMA, CFA etc.) and
  • Professional medicine exams like FCPS, USMLE etc.
  • Anyone who is about to take any exam and wants to improve their scores….seriously!

Course Options:

  • Attend one of our open participation workshops.
  • Organize a school visit for groups of 20 or more.
  • One on One Personal Sessions.
  • Skype Sessions (subject to internet speed and location).

Participation fee:

  • Fee: PKR 5,000/- person for group sessions at our open enrollment sessions.
  • PKR 50,000/-per session for personalized One on One coaching.
  • For Schools and Academies: Minimum 20 students (please contact for schedules, timings, costs etc.)
  • For individual personalized groups: Minimum 8 persons.

For Registration and Further Information:

Text TYB to 0333 57 97247 or 0321 5355 055 or Call at: Cell: + 92 321 53 550 55  [10 am to 6 pm only]    


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 * depending upon one’s practice of the tools learnt.