Training of the Teachers [ToT]

IF you are a teacher, a principal or a school owner, we request you to please read below carefully taking sufficient time (10-15 minutes depending upon your reading speed), since the information may start a turning point for your faculty’s development.

An introduction:  

The only way to raise any organization including yours is to base its foundation on TRUE PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN EXCELLENCE. There is no other choice.

Our TOT is unique in Pakistan, since it focuses on a long term, permanent success based on the SAME PRINCIPLES.

 The proof to our claim is the difference of our focus. We see hundreds of training efforts going to waste because they are focused on the Personality paradigm.

We see trainers teach their trainees how to hand shake, how to smile, how to dress up for success and all the tools and techniques for creating a positive image, but we ignore the deeper inner core, the character paradigm.  No culture, nation or civilization has ever been able to survive focusing on the personality paradigm only. History of civilization is the undeniable evidence.

We can come up with researches and studies that enlist the common reasons for societies which perished and the biggest common factor comes up to be focusing more on personality than character.

Permanent and long lasting success and change can only come with character paradigm. We are proud that in a society that is deteriorating, we are raising the flag of Permanent Positive Change, based on long lasting true principles of human excellence. We dare to address the root cause, rather than merely making efforts on the symptoms.


  • To enable the teachers to develop a basic frame work for Empowerment and Human Excellence for Learning.
  • To master our unique C Square approach i.e. Character x Competence.
  • To enhance the teaching skills.
  • To improve teacher’s capacity to handle their students (psychologically and emotionally)
  • To improve class management emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • To enable teachers to realize their roles as mentors .

1.Competence wise focusing on:

  • Improved Communication
  • Quality of delivery of lecture
  • Understanding of the students needs
  • Making students understand

2. Empathy wise focusing on:

  • Knowing and understanding the needs of students
  • Reacting Vs responding to the needs
  • Developing e-bank
  • Becoming more than a teacher
  • Mentorship

3. Character wise focusing on:

  • Integrity
  • Marking criteria
  • Enhancing competence
  • Striking balance between ego and competence
  • Principle centred marking

4. Psychologically focusing on:

  • Communication skills
  • Knowing the primary mode of communication we use
  • Learning levels

5. Class management wise focusing on:

  • Improve teacher’s capacity to handle their students (psychologically and emotionally )
  • Motivation to learn
  • Handling and reducing absenteeism
  • Imparting knowledge Vs cramming
  • Enhancing competence of their students
  • Disciplining the discipline
  • Academic goal setting

Training outcome: After the session the trainees shall have learnt:

  • Excellent tools of communication using NLP techniques.
  • How to create trust and improve its level between teacher and students?
  • The basic essentials of character development and duplicating model character to their students.
  • To impart positive beliefs of excellence to the students at the very beginning and at the very right age.
  • The basics of human character required for excellence in any field.

Contents:  The C Square: Character X Competence Matrix

MODULE I: Developing Character:

  • Aligning your life rightfully as a Teacher
  • Educational Leadership
  • Developing integrity: the beginning of change
  • The Seven Pitfalls
  • Becoming Influential
  • A Paradigm shift for Management
  • Alignment.
  • Empowerment
  • Secure management mentality
  • The PS model
  • Synergizing
  • Goal Setting

  MODULE II: Competence Enhancement:


  •  The Concepts for Excellence:
  • Tools for excellence.
  • Basic belief systems.
  • Limiting beliefs and eliminating them.
  • Duplication.
  • The placebo effect.
  • Solving identity crisis.

II. Communication Tools:

  • The modalities and Sub-modalities of communication.

III. Problem handling and Listening Skills:

  • Practising non-judgement.
  • Listening to Students and How to Listen?

IV. Learning Empathy

  • Result Expectation:
  • Abundance management.
  • Desire, belief, expect cycle.

V. Class Management:

  • Developing trust.
  • Principle of assignment giving.
  • Rules of designation.
  • Self-organisation.
  • Competition Vs Co-operation.
  • The true essence of learning.
  • Amending Behaviours
  • Measuring performance.
  • Changing focus.

VI. Presentation Skills (lecture delivering)

  • Self-communication.
  • Accepting the wrong.

VII. Developing Trust:

  • Teaching with a Secure Mentality.
  • Relationship building

Concluding the session:

  • Long term change.
  • New methods Vs deeply committing to the already known.
  • From within Vs From without.

Training Methodology:

The program shall include all or a combination of the following tools for maximum effectiveness.

  • Face to Face discussion and lecturing.
  • Video/ Clips.
  • Power point presentations.
  • Group activities.
  • Mental exercises.

 Who will attend this workshop?

  • Teachers/ trainers.
  • Faculty members.
  • Anyone who wants to improve the level of his/her success in life and is recommended by the institute/ organization..

Duration:  6 hours x 5 days session, can be flexed for weekend programs.

 For further information and booking please contact us here.