Our Work In Education Sector: Highlights

Program Title Organization Comments
Training of the Teachers Relief Pakistan and USAID Small Grants
  • Trained  over 260 primary school teachers (males and females) of Matta, Swat region in 13 sessions.
  • Delivered training on effective use of library resources, library books and library time?
  • And how to inculcate reading habits among young children?
Training of The Tutors / Trainers Programme:


Abasyn University, Peshawar
  • 21 faculty members including 4 Doctorate holders and rest with Engineering,MS, MBA or other equivalent degrees participated in the program
  • Our feedback rated 8.9 out of 10
Professional and Personal Development of Teachers Through Self Evaluations & Assessments (Let Teachers SEA)


Developments in Literacy
  • Conducted by our Lead Consultant and Trainer as Manager Project
  • Trained over 900 teachers, principals, and school officers in 120 schools across Pakistan
  • Developed, Piloted, Rolled Self Evaluation and Assessment Model
  • A remarkable 95% of the program trainees showed a documented and video recorded improvement in a given area of personal / professional development
Training of The Tutors / Trainers Programme:


FUUAST, Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology
  • 29 faculty members including 4 Doctorate Holders and 25 MS, M.Phil, MBA and Engineering degree holders participated
  • Feedback was 4.5 out of 5
Training of The Tutors / Trainers Programme:


IQRA University


  •  19 faculty members including 3 Doctorate holders and rest with MS, MBA or other equivalent degrees participated in the program
  • Our feedback rated 8.5 out of 10
Train Your Brain For Exams, Boosting Exam Success Institute of Business Leadership , Islamabad
  • Over 70 students participated
  • A general positive feed  back was received for the overall activity
School Assessment and Evaluation of Policies, Syllabi and Teachers TNA


Ali  Garh Public School, Haripur KPK


  • Conducted evaluation for school policies for Teachers’ Remuneration
  • Conducted TNA for teachers for 3 campuses
  • Performed evaluation of teachers effectiveness w.r.t behavioral impact on students
  • Created procedures for  IS0 9000 quality audit
Academic Leadership Planning, Organizational Leadership Academy of Educational Planning and Management, Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan
  • Topics related to educational leadership, Educational HR management, Educational motivation etc were delivered
  • We were rated 80% plus at several feedback sessions
Evaluation of Initiatives for Impact of Syllabi offered by Various Schools in Context of Pakistan Alif Bay Pay Tay
  • Assessed Subliminal Impact of syllabi offered by various schools in Pakistan
  • Evaluated effect of repeat messaging through school syllabi on students, teachers and stakeholders
  • Developed recommendations for changes
  • Assessed how effective the initiatives for such changes can be and the extent
Impact Evaluation for E Square Matrix for 8 Affiliated Schools BWT- Batool Welfare Trust
  • Conducted Evaluation for E square matrix (Effectiveness X Efficiency) of the teaching process
  • Developed Satisfaction Scale for Schools efforts
  • Evaluated schools outputs w.r.t feed back and satisfaction scale
Developing Young Readers Ali Garh Public School, Haripur, KPK
  • A training initiative for teachers on how to develop reading habits among early grade students 

Development Program

Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan  •              Conducted several sessions with different modules for different stages
Belief Cycles for Career Success and Eliminating Limited Believes  Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan A program designed for eliminating and converting negative belief cycles. Conducted several sessions at the institute.
Train Your Brain for Boosting Exam Results  


Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan


  • Over 60 students participated
  • Feed back improvement was more than 35%, here it would be appropriate to disclose that ICMAP has a tough pass percent for its professional stage examinations.
  • A program focusing to enable students to improve examination results up to a significant level, depending upon the practicing and adoption of exercises learnt during the training session
  • Take control of heir un-resourceful states during the examination
  •  Accelerate their memory using appropriate tools from NLP, Gestalt, Silva, Zen etc.
 Entrepreneurship Essentials, Usually not spoken off Bahria University, Islambad 
  • Training activity conducted as an execution partner of CEL (Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership, BSF, SME, Ministry of Finance
Belief Cycles  and Professional Excellence WAPDA Administrative Staff College, Islamabad


  • One of the two prestigious institutions for power sector and highly respected for its professionalism
  • Have handled all three levels of management: junior, middle and senior
  •  In a session in 2007 at Staff college current line losses for the year were 35%,  the previous belief of the trainees was that line losses can be brought down to 31% or max 30% and further reduction was not possible
  •  After the session, the belief was switched to a new standard, the trainees declared that given no bureaucratic interferences, they would be able to bring down the reduction in line losses to only 5%.
  • More interestingly the average experience of the trainees was 18 years and above in generation and distribution of power sector
Public Speaking Session


NUST: SEECS, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • Engineering students for BE
  • Over 25 students were trained
  •  We were given high recommendations for CDC (Career Development Centre , NUST)
Student Development Program Numerous Sessions at FUUAST, IQRA, IMS Peshawar,and ICMAP
  • Developing C Square
  • Developing Job Essential Skills